We are delighted to present you our Wine list, which we have put together with our Wine Merchant, to provide you with a varied choice of wines from around the World, which we believe perfectly complements our menu. Our range of White Wines, we believe perfectly complement our fish dishes, from the delicate Rivera, to the tropical Boars Kloof Chenin Blanc. We have chosen the Red Wines for the way they complement our meat dishes. They are all full of fruit flavours; we think you will love them! We have also decided to list a sparkling wine for those special occasions; or just to enjoy! It is from Italy and is called Prosecco Spumante. It's a little bit different from the usual sparkling wine and we hope you love it! Rydym wrth ein bodd i gyflwyno ein Dewislen Gwin, yr ydym wedi'i roi i'w gilydd efo'r Masnachwr Gwin, i gynnig dewis amrywiol o winoedd o bob cornel y Byd, a chredwn ei fod yn berffaith i fynd efo ein bwydlen. Ein hamrywiaeth o Winoedd Gwyn, rydym yn credu'n mynd yn berffaith efo ein prydau pysgod, o'r Rivera Cain, i'r Boars Kloof Chenin Blanc Trofannol. Rydym wedi dewis y Gwin Coch am y ffordd y maent yn mynd efo ein prydau cig. Maent i gyd yn llawn blasau ffrwyth; rydym yn meddwl y byddwch chi'n eu caru nhw! Rydym hefyd wedi penderfynu rhestru gwin ysgubol am yr achlysuron arbennig hynny; neu dim ond i fwynhau! Mae'n dod o'r Eidal ac fe'i gelwir yn Prosecco Spumante. Mae ychydig yn wahanol i'r gwin ysgubol arferol ac rydym yn gobeithio eich bod yn ei garu! WHITE WINES/GWINOEDD GWYN
1. SAN ANTONIO (PINOT GRIGIO) (ITALY) a stunning crisp, aromatic and wonderfully complex wine, with a fruity and flowery bouquet. £16.75
2. SAN PERITO (CHARDONNAY) (CHILE) a lovely medium to full bodied wine. Soft and rounded on the palate with hints of tropical fruit flavours. £13.50
3. VILLA ROSA (SAUVIGNON BLANC) (CHILE) an intense nose of tropical ripe fruit combined with flower aromas, and a crisp, clean tropical finish. £12.99
4. RIVIERA (SAUVIGNON BLANC) (FRANCE) a crisp and fruity nose, with a clean and elegant dry finish. £11.99
5. BOARS KLOOF (CHENIN BLANC) (SOUTH AFRICA) intensely fruity with up front tropical flavours; well balanced with a crisp finish. £12.99
6. STEENBOK (SAUVIGNON BLANC) (SOUTH AFRICA) a crisp and fruity nose, with a clean and elegant zingy and dry finish. £11.99
7. BOARS KLOOF (PIONTAGE ROSE) (SOUTH AFRICA) rounded and very fruity with lots of summer fruit flavours. £12.99
8. COUGARS MOON (WHITE ZINFANDEL) (CALIFORNIA, USA) lovely blush pink, sweet and fruity rose. £12.99
9. HUTTON RIDGE (PINOTAGE) (SOUTH AFRICA) a fruitcake, dark chocolate nose, with coffee and oak flavours. £14.75
10. VILLA ROSA (MERLOT) (CHILE) a blackcurrant and violet nose with rich berry flavours. £12.99
11. DON PLACERO (RIOJA) (SPAIN) a youthful wine with flavours of warm cherries and bramble fruits. £13.75
12. RIVIERA (PINOT NOIR) (FRANCE) a complex, full-bodied wine, packed with fruit; a long spicy finish. £14.50
13. RIVIERA (MERLOT) (FRANCE) juicy and mellow flavours, with a long smooth finish. £11.99
14. PROSECCO SPUMANTE CUVEE 1821 (CASA VINICOLA ZONIN) (ITALY) something different and great as an aperitif, or for that special occasion! £17.99
Bouquet - used to refer to a wine's aroma. Body - used to refer to the weight or the fullness of the wine. Nose - used to refer to the smell of the wine. Finish - used to refer to the aftertaste of the wine. Aperitif - used to refer to a wine taken before a meal.